a question for you

Hello followers!

I assume many of my followers are artists themselves, but this question can be answered even if you haven’t pursued art at all in school.
My dream in life is to be an art teacher. I want to teach people that there are many ways to go about solving problems in art, instead of the typical,  “Well, I’m the teacher and this is how I want you to do things,” style of teaching.
So, to help me create a hypothetical course outline/syllabus for my class, could you tell me if there is anything you wish you could have learned in high school, or anything you wished you covered more in any of your classes.
For example, in my high school, we took about two hours in total, out of my four years of being there, on perspective and we barely even hinted at anatomy and life drawing. I learned more from two years on the internet and at my community college than the years of previous studies combined.
You can reply via note, ask, or comment! Thank you for you time!